To-Go Options & General Release Details


UPDATED: 4/22/2019

Current To-Go Options:

  • Secret Cosmos // Pale Ale // 32 oz crowler // $12

  • Rewind #4 // DIPA // 32 oz Crowler // $13

  • Belgian Night Club // Belgian Wit // 32 oz Crowler // $10

  • DDH Double Space Boots // 4-packs // $18

General Release Details:

(All of the following is subject to change. Please see individual. release posts on our social media for specific details.)

  • All can and bottle sales are out of our merch shop (to the right of our main entrance)

  • Sometimes allotments are decided before the day of the release and sometimes are decided immediately before and are always subject to change.

  • If we anticipate a large turnout, we do cash only to get through the line as fast as possible.

  • If a line forms we ask that you line up on the Great Western Trail just North of our building, and North of Pioneer Gardening Supplies.

  • Parking is limited directly near our building. If parking becomes unavailable please use street parking, being sure to follow all rules/laws posted on street signs. Do NOT park in residential parking spaces or other businesses’ parking lots/spaces.