Mehndi (2018)


Released: 11/23/2018

14.5% ABV

Barrels: Four Roses, Old Weller Antique, Russell’s Reserve

Rest Time: 15 months


- 2018 Festival of Wood & Barrel-Aged Beer (FoBAB) - Gold Medal - Strong Porter/Stout

Mehndi 2018 is our expression of nuance. We took a robust imperial stout and aged it in a blend of hand-selected bourbon barrels that we sourced from Warehouse Liquors in Chicago, IL. We let the beer age for 15 months, in a mildly temperature controlled environment. Doing this, let the barrels come to life and breathe with the changing seasons and temperatures. The resulting beer, is a true expression of our craft. Flavors of dark fudge, intermingle with notes of vanilla, and subtle, savory smokiness from the charred oak it rested in.

Mehndi exemplifies what patience can achieve. We will release Mehndi once a year and plan to release a "variant" of Mehndi once a year as well - think, single barrel, or double barrel or even a unique blend of spirit barrels. Unlike our Henna series, Mehndi will spend more time in barrels, and the base beer will be better designed to stand on it's own with no changes in flavor from the use of flavor changing ingredients. Mehndi will always be a full expression of stout and barrel and we hope you appreciate it as much as we do.