In August of 2017 we filled our first barrels with our first stout. We started with just two hand selected bourbon barrels from our friends at Warehouse Liquors in Chicago. We continued to grow our barrel program and currently have just shy of 50 barrels filled with a mix of three different Imperial Stout recipes, a Porter, and a English-Style Barleywine. Our goal is to continue growing our barrel program and to experiment with more styles and different types of barrels. After a specific amount of time, barrels are blended to create deeper complexity to the beer inside and are then packaged. Sometimes we will add additional flavors (“adjuncts”) to the beer and sometimes we will keep the beer unadulterated to focus specifically on the base beer and the barrel it rested in (Mehndi). We plan to release single barrels if we feel that the barrel expression of a specific barrel is something we think can shine on it’s own. We hope you have the opportunity to try the beers that make it out from our barrels and enjoy them as much as we do.


Shaun Berns

Head Brewer


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